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Guide To Play 1 1/2 Handicap Bet in Football

Many people, especially those new to football betting, are curious about what a 1 1/2 handicap bet is. To understand and accurately grasp this type of bet, let's explore ht/ft soccer tips it through the following insights.

What is a 1 1/2 Handicap Bet?

A 1 1/2 handicap bet, also known as a 1.5 handicap, is a popular form of betting in Asian handicap markets. This type of bet is often used in matches where there is a significant disparity in the skill levels and form of the two teams.

In this scenario, the stronger team (the favorite) gives a 1.5-goal advantage to the weaker team (the underdog). This helps balance the match, making it more exciting and competitive. In essence, for betting purposes, the stronger team starts the match with a handicap of -1.5 goals, while the weaker team starts with +1.5 goals.

How to Read a 1 1/2 Handicap Bet

Understanding what a 1 1/2 handicap bet is isn't enough to place a bet confidently. You also need to know how to read the odds accurately. Reading a 1.5 handicap bet is somewhat similar to other handicap bets. Here’s how it works:

The Favorite Wins by a Margin of 2 Goals or More: If the favorite team wins by 2 goals or more and you bet on them, you win the bet and receive your payout. Conversely, if you bet on the underdog, you lose your stake.

The Favorite Wins by a Margin of 1 Goal: If the favorite team wins by only 1 goal, a bet on them will lose. On the other hand, a bet on the underdog will win.

The Underdog Draws or Wins: If the match ends in a draw or the underdog wins, regardless of the score, a bet on the favorite will lose, and a bet on the underdog will win.

No Draw Scenario: Similar to a 0.5 handicap, there is no possibility of a draw in a 1 1/2 handicap bet. It’s either a win or a loss.

As seen, reading a 1 1/2 handicap bet is relatively straightforward and easy to remember. You simply add or subtract 1.5 goals from the respective teams (underdog or favorite).

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Experience Betting on 1 ½ Handicap: How to Win Big

In this article, besides explaining what a 1 ½ handicap bet is and how to read it correctly, we also want to share with you how to win easily.

Experience Betting on 1 ½ Handicap: Bet on the Overdog

Usually, matches with a 1.5 handicap show a significant disparity between the two teams, and the overdog typically has a very high chance of winning. However, to win the bet, the margin must be at least two goals.

Therefore, in this type of bet, players often place their bets on the overdog, and the likelihood of receiving a reward is quite high. If you are somewhat unsure, choose the overdog.

Experience Betting on 1 ½ Handicap: Monitor the Odds Fluctuation Before the Match

Like many other types of bets, the bookmaker can change the odds right before the match starts. Hence, we need to monitor and make appropriate adjustments.

For example, if the initial handicap given by the bookmaker is 1.5 but then decreases to a 1-goal handicap, you should consider betting on the underdog at this point, as the underdog is rated much higher. Conversely, if the handicap increases to 1.75 or 2 goals, then you should choose the overdog.

If the underdog is the home team and playing at home, along with a history of matches where the goal difference is not too large, then you should consider betting on the underdog as this is a safer option.

Place Bets Based on the Lineups of Both Teams

In many cases, the underdog decides to defend to secure a valuable point. In this scenario, it will be much harder for the overdog to score. Therefore, you should consider betting on the underdog.

Additionally, if both teams have strong attacking lines, you might consider betting on Over for both teams. Especially if the overdog has the home advantage and a significant lead in the standings over the underdog, you will surely earn a big reward.

How to Participate in 1 ½ Handicap Betting?

Once you understand what a 1 ½ handicap is, how to read it, and the strategies to win, you are probably eager to participate in this bet. First, you need to find a reputable bookmaker. Currently, there are many bookmakers, including fraudulent ones, and many players have fallen victim to these scams.

Above is an explanation of what a 1 ½ handicap is, how to read it, winning betting tips app strategies, and how to join a reputable bookmaker today. Why hesitate? Register as a member at reputable bookmakers and receive the most attractive rewards.


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