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Experience Playing Odd-Even Bets Successfully From Experts

Odd-even bets are a popular type of wager favored by many in football betting. For newcomers, seeking insights and strategies from experts is essential to enhance skills and increase winning odds. In this article by Wintips, we'll introduce you to successful odd-even betting experiences handicap soccer tips from experts, helping you access tactics and secrets to beat bookmakers, increase winning chances, and create exciting moments while playing odd-even bets.

What is Odd-Even Betting?

Before sharing tips for successfully picking odd-even bets, let us introduce you to this type of wager. When playing odd-even bets, you don't need to focus on the match result, the score, or which team wins or loses. Instead, you concentrate on the total number of goals both teams will score.

To help you understand odd-even betting better, we'll introduce the symbols used in the betting board:

O – Odd: An odd number

E – Even: An even number

To choose an even number, players select numbers like 0, 2, 4, 6, etc., and to choose an odd number, players select numbers like 1, 3, 5, etc. It's evident that this type of football bet has a straightforward and easy-to-understand gameplay, even for newcomers.

Types of Odd-Even Bets

When participating in odd-even bets at leading sportsbooks, you can engage in various types of wagers, including:

Odd/Odd: Predicting the total number of goals scored by both the home and away teams to be an odd number.

Even/Even: Predicting the total number of goals scored by both the home and away teams to be an even number.

Even/Odd: Predicting the home team to score an even number of goals and the away team to score an odd number of goals.

Odd/Even: Predicting the home team to score an odd number of goals and the away team to score an even number of goals.

Odd-even betting in the first half/second half/full match.

Odd-even betting in situations such as throw-ins/corner kicks/penalties, etc.

Each type of bet has different gameplay, so you need to understand how to play and calculate winnings to participate in odd-even bets effectively. We'll help you understand more about the gameplay and strategies to beat bookmakers in odd-even betting, helping you achieve exciting and substantial victories.

Compared to other forms of betting, odd-even corner kicks are the most popular choice among players. Also known as Odd/Even Corner in English, players predict and place bets on whether the total number of corner kicks in the match will be an odd or even number.

For example, in a match between teams A and B, the bookmaker offers odds for the even option at 1.83 and the odd option at 1.86.

If the total number of corner kicks during official playtime is odd, players who bet on odd-even odd will win. In this case, the amount won will be calculated by the odds of 1.86. For instance, if a player bets $100, the winning amount will be $100 x 1.86 = $186.

However, if a player bets $100 on the total number of corner kicks being even, and the final result turns out to be odd, the player will lose the majority of the bet amount.

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Effective Tips for Betting on Odds and Evens

After understanding odds and evens betting, you've grasped the mechanics and various bet types involved. However, to improve your winning chances, you need to implement some highly effective strategies that we're about to share. Follow along to delve deeper into these strategies.

Assessing Teams' Performance

In odds and evens betting, to outsmart the bookmakers, it's crucial to analyze the recent performance of both teams. If both teams exhibit good form and are evenly matched, the likelihood of a draw increases, thus making the "Evens" option more favorable. Conversely, if there's a noticeable gap in form and skill between the two teams, the outcome becomes more predictable, favoring the "Odds" option.

To gauge teams' performance accurately, you can visit reputable betting forums online to stay updated. We'll also assist you in understanding how to evaluate teams' form and apply suitable strategies to achieve the best results in odds and evens betting.

Analyzing Handicap Odds

To succeed in odds and evens betting, you must analyze the handicap odds offered by the bookmakers. For instance, if the handicap is set at 0.75, the chances of the favorite winning by exactly one goal margin are high, thus making the "Odds" option more favorable. If the handicap is set at 0.25, the likelihood of a draw between the two teams increases, making the "Evens" option more appealing. Analyzing and understanding handicap odds before placing your bets gives you an edge in odds and evens betting.

Managing Your Bankroll

To achieve success in betting, players should exercise financial discipline and only wager an amount they can afford to lose within a certain limit. Diversifying your bets by spreading your funds across multiple matches rather than placing a large sum on a single match also increases your chances of success. Additionally, leveraging soccer handicap odds to predict scores and combining them with other betting options enhances your winning opportunities.

Referring to Reliable Predictions

Experts recommend consulting predictions from reputable football websites to effectively analyze odds. This method is favored by seasoned bettors for its high success rate. Approach betting with a clear mindset and participate as a form of entertainment while making the most informed decisions possible.


By synthesizing experiences football tips site and advice from successful odds and evens bettors, valuable lessons can be learned. Applying these strategies correctly provides players with opportunities to earn significant profits from odds and evens betting, while also enhancing the enjoyment and excitement of participating in matches. Additionally, you can explore other intriguing betting options such as over/under betting, draw handicap, and more. We wish you engaging experiences with these football betting options.


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